Manufacturer of modern
energy efficient equipment for metering
and regulation of thermal energy and water


About us

People who work in SEMPAL are the main basis and moving force. Each of our employees is a competent and highly educated person who is a true professional in his field. Everyone of our team is ready to take responsibility for himself and make a decision that is necessary.

By providing increased accuracy and reliability qualities we develop highest-quality equipment which will
work for you more than 15 years. Our strategy is to do our best to ensure that new customers become
regular. Also, we are grateful to our customers and dealers who installed tens of thousands of SEMPAL
devices on their sites around the world.


We produce mass high-tech devices for measuring and regulation of energy in different options. And we offer our customers, at a reasonable price, high-precision, reliable and multifunctional devices that compete with the products of the best companies of the world. So, our team strive to ensure that our clients are as satisfied as possible with the quality and service.


To become a dynamically developing international company that has a well-known trademark.

To supply the devices first to Near East countries, and then around the world by competing decently in price and quality with world`s leading manufacturers.

To achieve maximum result on the world market while maintaining the minimum required size of the company.


Every employee must be in state of work process improvement and be involved not in performance of his duties only but in another different company operations.


One of the company strategic goals is to improve the financial situation and social security of our staff. So, every employee keeps good morale condition and confidence about future. In result we get people who improve their professional skills constantly and, ultimately, we have a united team capable to solve any tasks and overcome any obstacles.

In addition, employees fully aware their financial and social situation depends on company finance capability. That is why they do their best to get job done in the best possible way.


SEMPAL produces the following types of energy-saving equipment:

SEMPAL energy-saving equipment allows you to reduce costs of energy resources significantly. On average, SEMPAL heat meter installation allows you to reduce costs for heat by 20-30%. The controller installation allows you to save another 15-20% more. And individual heat point installation allows you to reduce costs by 20-35% depending on the type of project.

If we use current tariffs for energy resources, the payback period, as a rule, doesn`t exceed one-two years. In some cases, payback period is even about 2-3 months. 


Sempal in numbers

28 years


Long-term experience of the development and industrial producing of energy-saving equipment.

100 %


The quality management system complies with the standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007. Certified by DEKRA (Germany).

99.7 %


Modern measurement methods combined with the perfect technical implementation ensure high accuracy and stability of devices.

99.8 %


Strict multi-stage control of every detail and producing process allows us to provide a 4-year warranty for each device.

25 %


Application of SEMPAL equipment allows our customers to save up to 30% while paying for expensive energy resources.


SEMPAL company was founded in 1992. Thousands of new companies were founded in Ukraine that time but only few of them have survived for nowdays.

The world changes every day, and we get new circumstances for business rapidly. We analyze the situation around and change company tactics to be succeed despite external circumstances. However, our main goals remain unchanged for decades. We stay calm and move forward, despite the situation. So, SEMPAL team do their best to change the world and make it better by improving our products and implementing new solutions.


SEMPAL CO started on August 3. There was not so big group of developers. It was formed from research fellows of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and experienced development engineers. Before that time these people worked for clothed military industry enterprises.

First squad determined the general principles of the company for many years to come:

  • thorough scientific approach to development of a new devices and software;
  • increased requirements to accuracy, reliability and equipment quality;


The first production model was released. It was the HMB-93.03 one-channel ultrasonic meter. More of those devices worked for over 12 years. For example, ultrasonic heat meter HMB-93.03 was used successfully even in 2017. It meant more than 23 years of reliable working.  


The first serial model of the single-channel ultrasonic meter NMV-93.02 was released.